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This book presents to English speakers the poetry of three great 18th century South Asian poets of Urdu: Mir, a love poet, Sauda, a satirist, and Mir Hasan, a writer of romantic narratives. An introductory chapter explains the background of the society in which these poets lived in Delhi, the Mughal capital of a fast declining empire, and explains also the poetical conventions within which they worked.

This was the first book I wrote in collaboration with Khurshidul Islam. (For a description of our collaboration see part 2 of my autobiography, Losses Gains.) For the section on Mir the verses selected were arranged in such a way as to portray the standard, generally tragic, course of the illicit love which was the only kind possible in 18th century Indian Muslim society.

1st published by Harvard University Press, USA, and Allen & Unwin, UK (1969)
Republished, Oxford University Press, India (1991)
ISBN 0-19-562850

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