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Findings, Keepings begins:

"Some people think that only famous and important people should write their autobiographies. I’m not famous, except within the small circle of people who study Urdu, and among those of you reading this, there will be some who don’t even know what Urdu is. I’m not important either, in the sense in which ‘important’ goes along with ‘famous’, though I may be important to a small number of people who know me personally. So why am I writing this?

"First, because I think that every human being is important, and that includes me. And second, because anyone who has thought seriously about how they want to live – what they want to live for, if you like – could, and in many cases should, write their autobiography. Whether they do so or not, they are likely to be interested in the experience of others who have lived like that, and can learn things valuable to them through reading about it. So that is why I am writing mine.

"I have recorded all that I regard as significant in my life experience and haven’t regarded anything as too ‘private’ to be written about. My belief, which I don’t expect others to share, is that there ought to be no subject whatever which mature adults should not be able to talk about to each other."

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